She Kept That Promise 

“Prior to finding Connie Betz, I was dealing with another Realtor and was completely disappointed, defeated and was debating whether or not I still wanted to pursue home ownership. The mortgage company the previous agent put me in touch with would not call me back and I lost a bid on a house because of it. The agent was almost annoyed that I was having problems.

I found Connie online after visiting her website and she contacted me within minutes!  I explained to her the terrible situation I had just had, and that financing was a problem because I discovered a false report on my credit report and I didn’t want her to waste her time.

Instead of hanging up like I expected, she stayed on the phone with me and offered support, and I moved into my new home six weeks later! She listened to what I wanted, and promised that she would be in communication about any hiccups along the road. She kept her promise throughout the process and I even closed early, which I’m told virtually never happens for a first time home buyer!

Connie really listened to what I wanted and was respectful of my price range. She only showed me houses in the area I wanted to be in that were well within my budget. The house I purchased was one that we weren’t even scheduled to look at, but she was attempted to contact the seller’s realtor so we could have a look. As it turns out, the seller showed up at the house and let us in, and, as a show of Connie’s character, she advised the seller NOT to let people in for safety reasons without confirming with their own realtor that the “person with a clip board” is a genuine realtor first. That has always stuck with me as an attestation to her honesty.

Connie was absolutely amazing throughout the whole process. I started my search over a holiday weekend, and she was in touch right away, let me know what to expect considering the holiday, showed me homes that met my criteria in the area I wanted to be in.  She listened so well to what I wanted in a house that the home I bought was one of her “picks” for me.

Connie Betz was absolutely wonderful.

Connie listened to me, from the start of the process to the end, and walked me through every part of the process step by step. I was never confused about what was going on, what should and should not be negotiated into the contract, how the home inspection process would go, etc. She listened to what I wanted. I’m in the exact area I want to be in, in a neighborhood I have been in love with for a long time, in a house I absolutely adore!

Connie was able to turn what started out as a nightmare into my dream home, and I would absolutely recommend her services!”

Kathleen Adey, Omaha, NE

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