2020 Omaha Real Estate Market

2020 Omaha Real Estate ROCKED!

2020 Year in Review
2020 Omaha Real Estate Market Year in Review

2020 Omaha Real Estate Market …


The 2020 Omaha Real Estate Market was very busy.  Existing homes sales in October was 27% higher than a year ago, while new home sales were 32%.  September pending home sales jumped 20.5% annually.  Winter was one of the best real estate markets on record.

Nationwide, mortgage applications were up 20% over the previous year showing buyers are anxious to buy with some of the lowest mortgages rates in history. Expect to see mortgage rates stay low through 2021, making homes incredibly affordable.

Homeowners are seeing an increase in equity as the low inventory of homes is driving prices up. The strong seller’s market national have seen home prices increase 16% from a year ago.

With around 40% of people working from home now due to Covid, buyers are reevaluating their home needs and are looking for homes with more rooms, square footage and yard.


To give you a comparison of how the real estate market has changed, I got into Real Estate in 2005 and there were over 6900 homes for sale.  Today, we have a little over 450 homes for sale EXCLUDING new construction.  Yes, you read that right – 450 homes for sale.  If we include new construction homes for sale, double that number.


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2020 Year End Stats

Average Sales Price—$239,116

# Homes Sold—18,622

Avg Days to Sell — 18

Average Sale Price – Existing Homes—$243,120

Average Sales Price – New Construction— $397,845

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